Welcome in Bresse Burgundy

Bresse Burgundy is an exceptional geographical site, served by highways, in the heart of the European market:

  • 4 major motorways within 10 minutes drive from any point in Bresse (A6, A39, A36 and A40)
  • 2 T.G.V stations (high speed train in Le Creusot-Montchanin and in Mâcon-Loché) and 2 major trains station (Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon)
  • 2 international airports (Lyon and Geneva)
  • 2 ports (Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon)

In less than a day drive to all major European cities, the Bresse Burgundy region is located in a natural living environment. Our territory is well known for its gastronomy, thanks to the famous Burgundy wines and Bresse poultry, labeled with the prestigious A.O.P. quality brand. There are 4 major sectors of expertise.


The agri-food industry processing is the first major economic sector of Bresse Burgundy, built through its internationally known Bresse poultry. The agri-food processing companies employ nearly 2,600 people. The motorway network, the quality and the low costs of the labor force are the main reasons for the foundation of LDC BourgogneBigard, the French meat leader or Morpol, the market leader in smoked salmon.


The transport and logistics sector has developed thanks to this motorway network and the agri-food industry processing. The companies of this sector, including Transport Dominique Prudent (refrigerated transport) or Norbert Dentressangle Distribution, employ nearly 1,200 people.


The plastics industry is an essential industry in Bresse Burgundy. The 17 largest companies employ 1,200 people and work in a wide range of activities, especially for luxury goods. For example, the firm Albea produces packaging solutions for the most famous brands in the world (Dior, Kenzo…). RPC Superfos designs packaging solutions for food with a sustainable development approach, Bouillard S.A.S is one of the most specialized companies in thermoplastic injection for garden pots and technical parts.


Thanks to the proximity of the industrial metallurgy pole of Creusot-Montceau and the automotive sector of Sochaux-Montbéliard, you can find in Bresse Burgundy almost 40 companies working in metallurgy and mechanical engineering. They are usually very small or middle sized companies, consolidated by the presence of international companies. ADT, AL-KO, SMTL, IMP or Caillon Mechanics are few examples of this dynamic and reactive industry in Bresse Burgundy.


Bresse Burgundy can provide for your company:

  • Affordable rent for your buildings or offices,
  • A centralized position in the European market, on the highway network,
  • Access to local, high qualified and reliable manpower,
  • A peaceful and natural environment.

Our industrial business parks do have available slots with direct access to highways.

Bresse Initiative, Bresse Burgundy local development agency : your partner !

Bresse Initiative will :

  • Support you throughout the whole creation or acquisition project, till completion
  • Help you find financing or partnering to create your business
  • Help you to find the right building or estate fitting the needs of your project
  • Introduce you to the local and regional network of entrepreneurs
  • Provide you with economic information about the most dynamic sectors of the local industry.

As the main local actor for business development, Bresse Initiative organizes quarterly professional convivial meetings for:

  • Establish business synergies through direct contact between partners
  • Develop local networking and partnerships
  • Bring pragmatic answers to facilitate development

These quarterly meetings include: visit of a local firm, presentation and debate on an economic theme, gastronomic and convivial dinner.

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